IsInCalendarSyncInterval interrupts all delete operations

  • Hello Forum,

    everytime i delete a calendar-item, i get this erro in my z-push.log:

    07/07/2017 14:35:53 [27223] [WARN] [USERNAME] /usr/share/z-push/backend/kopano/importer.php:262 hex2bin(): Hexadecimal input string must have an even length (2)
    07/07/2017 14:35:53 [27223] [WARN] [USERNAME] MAPIUtils->IsInCalendarSyncInterval: Message is OUTSIDE the synchronization interval
    07/07/2017 14:35:53 [27223] [WARN] [USERNAME] ImportChangesICS->isModificationAllowed('S2c099:f0bc882a8e0f410aa9765bd325976fe71b6fa8000000'): Message in Calendar is outside the sync interval. Data not saved.

    any ideas?


  • Kopano

    Hi Coffee_is_life,

    I was able to reproduce the behaviour and created a ticket for it:


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