How to remove a message from everyone's mail store.

  • I know I brought this up awhile ago, but we had another “incident” the other day.

    Long story short, some idiot user sent a rude message to most of the company and I was asked to remove it from everyone’s inbox.

    As I understand the process would entail:
    Finding the message ID
    Searching every mail store for that ID
    When found deleting it

    I guess my questions are:
    Is my “procedure” correct?
    Has anyone done this yet so I don’t have to break out my badass coding skills? (emphasis on the bad)


  • is this even legal, to delete messages from personal mailboxes ? I doubt that.
    I would tell the “idiot user” to think before acting…

  • Perfectly legal. The email belongs to the company not the individual.
    And there are plenty of other cases, like what if personnel (or anyone) send an email with someone else’s personal information? What about threatening or abusive emails?
    By law we need to keep a record of these emails, but the company is free to delete from the user’s mailbox.

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