Bye Zarafa... bye Kopano?

  • I’m a long time and more than happy user of Zarafa (the Debian packages) . Since I’m self-employed my needs are humble. And as I’m an IT pro I run Zarafa on my own Debian server. Zarafa served me really well over the years.
    Development of Zarafa has stopped however, so I want to switch to Kopano. But much to my regret that’s not easy. First of all there are no stable ‘open source’ packages anymore. The Alioth project could be an alternative, but that one does not contain the webapp. An essential component for me. And finally - to my big surprise -neither Kopano nor one of their partners replied to my request for a (single) license. I think getting a license would be the perfect solution: it would enable me to continue using my favorite ‘groupware’ and I pay (little as it me be) for the development. However, it seems no one is willing to sell to me. And that’s a pity because I looked at the competition but haven’t found anything that’s as good and nice as Zarafa/Kopano.
    Any ideas on what to do…?

  • Kopano

    Hi vco1,

    I’m sorry to hear you did not receive a reply to your request. I did a quick search on your email address but I could not find your request. Can you send you send your details to me in a direct message here on the forum? I can then look into it and make sure you get a response!


  • Within a couple of hours after posting the above I got contacted by someone from Kopano. Top! Now waiting for one of the partners to contact me. …

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