Is there a way to disable the new Webmeetings popup?

Thing is I’ve rolled out Webmeetings in a rather sneaky fashion and this new popup drags users attention to something that may not be completely setup yet.


Hi Bob,

Are you referring to the what’s new dialog?

Yes I am. :)

You and users can click “Do not show me this dialog” again checkbox, which will set a setting in WebApp.
But you don’t want to see this dialog at all and there is no clean way to do this. Either inject the setting in webapp or
raise the version in

so it don’t correspond with the installed version.

But you could also disable the webmeetings plugin when it’s not correctly setup yet :-)

I was thinking of injecting the setting into everyone’s settings via script:

  • Export webapp settings
  • Modify to include the setting I want
  • Import webapp settings

But unfortunately the tools I was going to use were for zarafa and don’t work with kopano.

Are there updated versions of these tools available?


Hi Bob,

I don’t know if your idea is going to work, but you can give it a try:

I think you’re looking for this script:


python --user user  --backup


python --user user  --restore

So now we are thinking of “formally” announcing to users that WebMeetings is up and running…

Is there a way to provide that “What’s new” pop-up box via a link to users? I looks like some sort of Javascript thingy :) so I’m not too sure if it is possible.


Hi Bob,

That’s not possible.
Just use the sweet “What’s new” dialog :)

I ended up using screenshots of the “What’s new” dialog box. :)