Backup could not serialize attachment

  • 017-06-17 09:43:23,546 - backup - ERROR - could not serialize attachment
    2017-06-17 09:43:23,546 - backup - ERROR - Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/kopano/”, line 674, in _dump
    msg = att.OpenProperty(PR_ATTACH_DATA_OBJ, IID_IMessage, 0, MAPI_DEFERRED_ERRORS)
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/”, line 294, in OpenProperty
    def OpenProperty(self, *args): return _MAPICore.IMAPIProp_OpenProperty(self, *args)
    MAPIErrorNoAccess: MAPI error 80070005 (MAPI_E_NO_ACCESS)

    What does this error means? And how can I prevent this?

  • Kopano

    @leroyk2 which version are you running. I remember a backup ticket with “no access” that was concerning embedded message and that we recently fixed.

  • Hello fbartels,

    I have running this version:
    kopano-admin -V
    Product version: 8,3,0,1042
    File version: 1042

  • Hi leroyk2.

    This error means that the backup tool didn’t find an certain attachment. This attachment could be broken, corrupt or completely missing.
    I heard that the error message will be clearer in the 8.3.1 version of KC.
    Something like “attachment not found” without an traceback.

    You could theroetically touch a file and gzip it. The backup tool then saves this file without any error messages. But thats just a workaround and not a real solution.

    Kind regards Basti

  • I am storing the attachments in the database instead of the filesystem. Could that be a problem?

  • Hello leroyk2.

    I don’t have any experience in storing the attachments in the database.
    But i would say that this is not the problem.

    I just saw that i got another MAPI error. But i don’t know if this comes because i use the path attachments?
    Maybe someone from Kopano could say something to this thread?

    Kind regards

  • Kopano

    @leroyk2 said in Backup could not serialize attachment:

    I am storing the attachments in the database instead of the filesystem. Could that be a problem?

    That may or not may be.

    The ticket in question (and probably what @sebschremser is referring to) is by the way But this is mainly to remove the ugly traceback and print an actual error message instead. This is fixed for the upcoming 8.4 release and not 8.3.1.

    Up until this point we are unable to reproduce the “no access” error internally and don’t know why it occurs and therefore are unable to fix (especially since kopano-backup is running as an admin which should always have access). So if you come across a way to force this error I am all ears.

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