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    We would like to inform you that unfortunately there has been a mix up between the Kopano WebApp packages of a test repository with the packages of the master repository that contains the nightly builds. Due to this mix up the test repository packages, which are packaged as version 3.5.0, were temporarily available in the Kopano WebApp master repository. This means that if you have updated and upgraded your Kopano WebApp from the master repository on Thursday June 15, 2017 it is likely that you are now running version 3.5.0-488.1. We have resolved this mix up and the master repository now only contains 3.4.0 packages.

    If you have upgraded your Kopano WebApp packages to version 3.5.0, you need to downgrade back to version 3.4.0 by using the Kopano WebApp master repository in order to receive new updates from now on. This can be performed by following the steps below.

    For Debian and Ubuntu:

    1. Update your Kopano WebApp master repository by running:
      sudo apt-get update
    2. List all available versions of the Kopano WebApp packages:
      apt-cache madison kopano-webapp*
      apt-cache showpkg kopano-webapp*
    3. Downgrade your Kopano WebApp packages by using the specific package numbers:
      sudo apt-get install kopano-webapp=

    For Redhat and CentOS:

    1. Update your Kopano WebApp master repository:
      yum update
    2. Downgrade your Kopano WebApp packages:
      yum downgrade kopano-webapp*

    For SUSE:

    1. Update your Kopano WebApp master repository:
      zypper update
    2. Downgrade your Kopano WebApp packages:
      zypper in -f kopano-webapp*

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