• Hello, I have the following setup and its working great.

    • php 7.3.24
    • Latest exim 4.94/dovecot (
    • Z-Push latest version of develop from git.(f7cc4efe307) [Combined, imap, caldav, carddav]
    • Latest Sabre-dav 4.1.3 (For CalDav + CardDav using IMAP for authenticating + sqlite for data)
    • 2 computers with Outlook 2019

    I have Outlook 2019 setup without any issues and I can view all my emails and see my subscribed imap folders plus I can see my own default Calender where I can add/remove items from it. (and see it synchronized between multiple outlook devices)

    One feature/functionality that is very important is being able to share calendars with other people on my system without using Kopano. Has anyone else been able to do it? I tried looking at other documentation and googling but I couldn’t find anything. I am trying to create/simulate a global calendar for everyone to read/write by creating a test account and share that users default calendar to everyone. I tried the following.

    Any ideas? If this feature currently doesn’t exist in the current z-push git code (that doesn’t require Kopano) then I can see that functionality being very important to a lot of people to get added.

    Thank you for your time.