• Hi@all,

    My brother used to use GMail and wants to give up this account. I have created an account for him on our Kopano server with his mail domain/address. Contacts and calendar I could export everything from the Google account and import it into Kopano.
    Everything works fine.
    But his mails are still in his GMail account and I still have to transfer them. What is the easiest way?

    Can I fetch them at the Kopano server via fetchmail although the addresses don’t match?

    foo.bar@gamil.com -> foo.bar@newdomain.de

    Like I said. It is only a one-time transfer. After that the Google Account will be deleted.

    with best

  • You should be able to enable imap on the GMail account under settings. Then you can use the kopano-migration-imap script to copy all the emails over.

    You can find some documentation on it here: https://documentation.kopano.io/kopano_migration_manual/imap_migration.html

    Edit: I had previously specified the wrong name of the kopano-migration-imap script.

  • After migrating over 100 mailboxes from Gmail/Gsuite - we have found the following arguments to the kopano-migration-imap work quite well:

    kopano-migration-imap --nomodulesversion \
                                            --logfile user@email.com.log \
                                            --pidfile /tmp/user@email.com.pid \
                                            --tmpdir /migrate-cache/user@email.com \
                                            --automap \
                                            --ssl1 \
                                            --timeout1 120 \
                                            --host1 imap.gmail.com \
                                            --timeout2 120 \
                                            --host2 localhost \
                                            --port2 993 \
                                           --ssl2 \
                                           --disarmreadreceipts \
                                           --folderlast INBOX \
                                           --folderlast '[Gmail]/Important' \
                                           --folderlast '[Gmail]/All Mail' \
                                           --skipcrossduplicates \
                                           --useheader=X-Gmail-Received \
                                           --useheader Message-Id \
                                           --exclude '[Gmail]$' \
                                           --exclude 'All Mail' \
                                           --exclude Junk \
                                           --exclude Bin \
                                           --exclude Spam \
                                           --exclude 'Deleted Items' \
                                           --exclude 'Deleted Messages' \
                                           --exclude Trash \
                                           --user1 user@email.com \
                                           --password1 password \
                                           --user2 username \
                                           --password2 password

    Simple change the user1 to the gmail imap account and set password1 to the gmail password. User2 would be your kopano account and password2 would be kopano pasword unless you are using the feature to bypass requiring a password for the gateway. I hope this helps!

    FWIW this is actually a rebranded/older version of imapsync - there is a great FAQ available on Gmail and Imapsync here https://github.com/imapsync/imapsync/blob/master/FAQ.d/FAQ.Gmail.txt