End-To-End-Test over Z-Push + my own Backend?

  • Hello everyone,

    I had my share of problems with getting Z-Push up and running (see my post history), but everything is fine now and we are rolling it slowly out to our customers and they are happy so far. But here’s the thing: we didn’t update to 2.5.2 yet, since we didn’t want to break our development stride with potential update-problems. But now that we are rolling out and the next update is on the horizon, I would like to have an automated end-to-end test, that would cover Z-Push and my backend. There are also changes I can barely control (I need to access stuff through an API), that I would like to cover.

    So I would like to create an automated test against a known state in the backend’s database etc. and get the returned data so I can compare it to an expected outcome. Then run it frequently, so any problematic changes in Z-Push or in parts I do not directly control give me an early warning. I made a script that can already login and send simple commands, but I can’t get any payload into or out of the system. Somehow I don’t believe I am the first to do this or try this, but I find no one ever mentions anything like this and no other resources to help me.

    So I am wondering: is everyone silent about it? Is it so stupid no one ever mentions anything like this? Or do I just use the wrong keywords in my search?

    Any help appreciated!

    Best regards,