Can't login with PAM plugin

  • I uninstalled all zarafa packages and installed the debian 7.0 kopano server packages. After modifying the configuration files I cannot login anymore via webapp.


    user_plugin = unix
    auth_method = pam
    pam_service = passwd

    The errors:
    Fri Jun 9 17:11:19 2017: [warning] Authentication through PAM failed for user “tester”: Authentication failure
    Fri Jun 9 17:11:19 2017: [warning] Failed to authenticate user “tester” from “file:///var/run/kopano/server.sock” using program “apache2”

    Jun 9 17:11:16 srv2 unix_chkpwd[6136]: check pass; user unknown
    Jun 9 17:11:16 srv2 unix_chkpwd[6136]: password check failed for user (tester)
    Jun 9 17:11:16 srv2 kopano-server: pam_unix(passwd:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=998 euid=998 tty= ruser= rhost= user=tester

    The user is known to kopano and the entered password is correct:
    ~# kopano-admin -l |grep test
    tester tester

    Additional information, maybe related:
    Fri Jun 9 17:10:48 2017: [warning] getspname_r: Permission denied
    Fri Jun 9 17:11:19 2017: [warning] Previous message logged 33 times

    Please help urgently! Thanks!

  • Replying to myself. When running kopano-server as user “root” then PAM authentication works as expected. Is this a bug or a configuration error?

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