Is the community version still working for anyone?

  • I have been an avid user of the community version of Kopano, but now I am wondering if it is being neglected to drive people to the paid version?
    I have been updating regularly in the past, and it is getting weirder and weirder to do so. The last one in Dec of 2019 failed, and I did not look further into it.
    But this time, not even the dependencies in the nightly build are correct anymore:

    e.g. the file libkcsoap0_10.0.4.0.b38037084-0+38.1_amd64.deb says:
    Vorbereitung zum Entpacken von libkcsoap0_10.0.4.0.b38037084-0+38.1_amd64.deb …
    Entpacken von libkcsoap0 ( über ( …
    dpkg: Abhängigkeitsprobleme verhindern Konfiguration von libkcsoap0:
    libkcsoap0 hängt ab von libgsoap-kopano-2.8.101; aber:
    Paket libgsoap-kopano-2.8.101 ist nicht installiert.

    But the package file is libgsoap-kopano-2.8.102_2.8.102-0+1.1_amd64.deb

    It looks to me general that in core, there are files for 10.0.1 (for back in January), 10.0.4 and 10.0.6.

    This is for Ubuntu 16.04 - so maybe there is a difference for the different Ubuntu packages?

  • I downloaded the packages for 18.04 and 20.04.
    I cannot install them at the moment, but I think only 20.04. is actually a sane configuration.

    Can someone confirm that 20.04 is required to run the community edition?

    I reverted back to my relatively old install until I can convince my hosting provider to bump me to a 20.04 server



  • I cannot comment on Ubuntu packages, but the Debian 10 packages do work for me.

    Previously, I used to install the .deb files by hand, and had to fiddle with ‘apt-get --fix-broken install’ in order to fix dependencies and it was always a pain.

    Now I put all the .deb files in an APT repository (personally using Sonatype Nexus for that), and then apt will figure out all dependencies on its own. That’s a much nicer experience to install and update the Kopano community edition.

  • @alexthetiger68 :
    Good tip, I had the problem before as well.

    To everyone else: I tried both the 16.04 and 18.04, but only the 20.04 works. The issue is that Kopano has some newer dependencies that 16.04 and 18.04 will not support, so the packages are partially old and do not work together.

    If you want to use the community version, you need to upgrade to 20.04…