importINI not working

  • Hello Forum,

    i’d like to deploy DeskApp (tryed with Version 1.3.0 and v1.3.3 community) and it seems the “–importINI=’<path>’” funktion gets ignored.
    (or i’m doing it completely wrong :) )

    Installed DeskApp 1.3.3 x64
    created deskapp.ini in “%appdata%\Kopano\DeskApp\deskapp.ini”:


    and start deskapp with:

    deskapp --importini="%appdata%\Kopano\DeskApp\deskapp.ini"

    DeskApp starts and asks me if i want to create a profile.
    in “%localappdata%/Kopano/DeskApp/” the folder “User Data” will be created.

    In my opinion the deskapp should create the profile “profile_kopano” and asks the user for password.

    Second Question at this point:
    Can i configure the Deskapp so the profile wont be created in “%localappdata%” but in “%appdata%”
    (roaming profiles etc.)


  • Kopano


    did you try using the full path instead of %appdata% in the parameter?
    Do you see any error in the devtools console (F12) when using the DeskApp devel version?

    “%localappdata%/Kopano/DeskApp/” can be changed by GPO or commandline parameter. But it can be dangerous if you can’t ensure every deskapp that accesses the user data dir has exactly the same version at all times.
    See for more details.

    The profile in the user data dir, and a DeskApp are two completely different things. So, changing the file path where the user data is saved is not possible by the ini.
    Maybe we should rename the deskapp profiles to account…


  • Sooo, after some try and errors im back here again :)

    if i change the default user DataDir ( to “H:\Kopano\Deskapp” (mapped home-drive) the UserDataDir gets created here - ok thats what i want.

    the docu said, deskapp will search for deskapp.ini in the default datadir. - It gets ignored in H:\Kopano\Deskapp.
    If i dont change the location it will search at the default place.

    Another problem i ran into:

    I’ve got an automatic installation server which uses powershell scripts and “winexesrv” to start these.
    Install is working, but i cant create a HKCU-Key in registry to define the “Deskapp.ini” for the user - the script is called with admin profile.
    The user got no admin rights so an startup-script wont work either to import the reg file.


    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Kopano\Kopano DeskApp]

    chromium defaultdata.reg:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    any suggestions?


  • Kopano


    sorry for the late reply, but I was on vacation.

    You need to place the ini file in “H:\Kopano\DeskApp\Default”.
    You can always check the effective path using the DeskApp devel versions, open devtools (F12), and execute ‘nw.App.dataPath’ in the console.

    Yes to write to HKLM the user needs admin permissions. Maybe we should extend that to also check HKCU.


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