kopano-monitor doesn't seem to be doing anything.

  • I’m running through some tests to understand how all the KC components are working and have now reached the point of looking at kopano-monitor.

    I have a user which I have set a very low quota for and was expecting to get a notification from kopano-monitor at least once to show that I was going over the limit.

    When I look at the logs (either sending to a file, or console) the only output is:

    [=======] Starting kopano-monitor version 10.0.6 (pid 25946 uid 0)
    [=======] Starting kopano-monitor version 10.0.6 (pid 25946 uid 998)

    My configuration file looks like so:

    server_socket = https://server:237
    sslkey_file = /certs/core/monitor.pem
    coredump_enabled = no
    log_level = 6
    log_file = /logs/kopano/monitor.log
    log_timestamp = yes
    quota_check_interval = 15
    mailquota_resend_interval = 1
    userquota_warning_template = /data/templates/quotas/companywarning.mail
    companyquota_warning_template = /data/templates/quotas/companywarning.mail

    I have also tried using a socket instead of the TCP connection with no success.

    I’m using KC compiled from master branch within the past 3 days.

  • Can someone provide me with some sample logs to what Kopano Monitor usually outputs? I am still seeing this issue with kopano-monitor not doing anything with mailboxes that are over quota.