• A strange situation where a room reservation doesn’t work for most users (for some it does).
    The users are all member of the same AD groups
    For users affected they do not see a reservation in the resource calendar
    They get messages like:

    You have insufficient privileges to move a meeting request in this calendar.
    The calendar owner can set these using the ‘permissions’-tab of the folder properties
    (right click the calendar folder properties > permissions)

    which is strange since everyone is assigned FC on their own edits in this calendar

    • First i created a user

    • logged through the webmail client as this user and gave the group “everyone” the rights on their own edits in this calendar.

    • Then in Samba AD i altered the account to be a kopano “Room”

    • SSH logged on to the kopano server, and ran

    sudo kopano-cli --user TestingRoom --mr-accept yes
    sudo kopano-cli --user TestingRoom --mr-decline-recurring yes

  • For the moment it seams to work, for the users it didnt work on earlier. above steps have been repeated 5 times in the last 48 hour.

    I have no idea why it takes so long, or why it didnt work earlier.

    If above is not the right procedure let me know.

  • Kopano

    Hi @Handyman,

    I think this is the culprit:

    @Handyman said in Room reservation not working.:

    on their own edits in this calendar

    When working with direct booking I would rather recommend to make the calendar more broadly writable, so not only the users own entries, but also existing entries.

    @Handyman said in Room reservation not working.:

    If above is not the right procedure let me know.

    The one piece of information missing from your post are version and the exact clients that were used. In case you have a support subscription its always recommended to open up a support case directly https://kopano.com/support/

  • Web clients, latest kopano.

    And No we dont allow people adjusting someone else reservation.
    A lot of people making use of it, if someone accidentally or by evil purpose starts moving appointments then that would give a lot trouble in production.
    (as the bookable rooms are a scare resource here)

  • Kopano

    @Handyman said in Room reservation not working.:

    Web clients, latest kopano.

    That could mean a lot of different things depending on where you are coming from.

  • A little bit late but maybe this will help someone in the future.

    I worked with ressources some weeks ago and played a little bit with the userrights.
    These are working for me:
    Calendar userrights english
    Calendar userrights german

    creating, deleting, moving appointments is working as expected.
    users can see the reservation under “Scheduling” and are able to open the Calendar and Calendar entries to see the creator and participants of appointments created by another, but cant edit them.

    @Handyman you said you were using the group everyone but also said that “users are all member of the same AD groups”. If you are using AD groups to grant userrights within Kopano please never ever use groups in groups. Users have to be a direct member of the group which you are granting userrights to.
    This made me a lot of trouble with LDAP and UNIX systems.
    duno if this applies to you.