Suggested Contacts getting lost from time to time

  • Dear Community,

    I’m using Kopano on UCS with versions:

    UCS: 4.4-4 errata602
    Installed: kopano-core= z-push-kopano=2.4.5

    from time to time it happens that my suggested contacts are completly lost, I could not find out where/how they are stored. In a few cases also the Signatures where lost. I’m not the only user where this seems to happen. I’m mainly using the DeskApp on Mac OSX and Windows 10.

    I’ve stumbled over this problem here being an issue of a prior version. What is the cause and where can I start to troubleshoot?


    journalctl -u kopano-server

    does not give me helpful information for specific user profiles where this is happening but from time to time following entries occur:

    K-1515: Object not found unknown user "user": user not found in LDAP
    SQL [00120497] info: Try to reconnect

    “user” is here an example for a few different users. this happens (about 5-10 times a day). Also, the sql reconnect occurs from time to time (about 3 to 5 times a day).
    Thanks in advacne and kind regards,

  • Kopano

    Hi @dcom-user,

    this is a known issue on that particular version and has since then been fixed. When you are on UCS you can enable our package repositories (needs a valid Kopano subscription) to get the latest version:

  • Thanks for the quick response =)
    I guess this issue is related to the loss/reset of signatures/settings?
    Is there a way to test if this issue is resolved with a subscrition? I think about testing it with only a few subscription (not the full user count)? Please do not get me wrong, I do not have a problem buying subscriptions for all users if this is resolveing the problems. I just want to be sure :)

  • Kopano

    Hi @dcom-user,

    its not possible to get a subscription for only parts of your users, but you could request a trial key:

  • thanks for the quick reply, I’ll check this out