KopanoEnabledFeatures/KopanoDisabledFeatures LDAP question.

  • I’m trying to test allowing/disallowing services via LDAP for a user, where I have disabled all features in server.cfg. When updating the attribute to allow IMAP access I still don’t see that the user has access to connect to the Kopano gateway.

    My question is:
    My LDAP dump looks like:

    kopanoEnabledFeatures: IMAP
    kopanoEnabledFeatures: SMTP
    kopanoEnabledFeatures: OUTLOOK

    (SMTP I am using for Postfix to allow access to send via SASL)

    Is Kopano looking for the values all in one attribute ie “IMAP; OUTLOK?”

  • Kopano

    Hi @tiredofit,

    did you run kopano-admin --sync before checking the user details? Apart from that these values need to be lowercase afaik.

  • I did run a --sync after updating and it didn’t seem to work. You are right, it is related to it being case sensitive. I haven’t seen much case sensitivity in LDAP so assumed I could get away with capitals. Thanks as per usual with prompt feedback.