• Hi@all,

    we use Kopano and are actually quite happy with it. I suppose that in every company there is an ERP where all the customers and suppliers etc. are maintained.

    As far as I know there is currently no way that Kopano synchronizes its address books from an external source like ERP. Is that correct?

    Is this planned for the future?

    with best

  • @pixel

    There was a sync tool available in Zarafa times called z-merge. It is long time not mentained and for sure it will not work instant if you get the source somewhere. It has still a record on https://community.zarafa.com/pg/plugins/project/141/developer/manfred/zmerge-replication-framework but all download links in there are unfortunately dead…

    Maybe @Manfred or @Sebastian can help you with the source code or allow me to give you the backup I have at my local system. It would be at least a good start for you to start with getting your ERP system in sync with kopano. Every ERP System has its own database structure so a generaly ERP Sync cannot be provided. It needs every time to be adapted to the system used at customer site and to the data structures being used…


  • Hi @pixel,

    we have created a sync tool for one of our customers a time a go, with the possibility to sync ABAS ERP contacts entries to Kopano and Pascom. Feel free to contact me if you have further questions!

    Kind regards Thomas

  • Kopano

    @dw2412 said in Connecting Kopano to ERP:

    or allow me to give you the backup I have at my local system

    z-merge was agpl licensed so you are free to do with you copy what you want. however z-merge had its challenges and did not scale as required and was therefore abandoned.

    In general connecting to an erp software is always something custom. We ourselves are using Exact Online and have a few python daemons that push the data from our Kopano installation towards their service (this is using python-kopano on our end).

    Another potential point of integration is to use our RestAPI. It works similar to Microsoft Graph so if a developer has already worked against office 365, then only a few changes are necessary to instead speak towards Kopano. Our RestAPI is for example used in the integration with Harmonizely.

    @tbbits we are currently building up a new integration/extension showcase. I would be glad if we could list your integration work there as well (does not have to be open source or available freely). I’ll send you a separate email later today.

  • Hi fbartls, sounds great! Feel free to contact me!

    Regards Thomas

  • I have read the definition about RestAPI on Wikipedia. For this implementation I will have to buy help.

    So I can find a suitable developer a few questions …

    Do all systems involved (Kopano, ERP and telephone system) have to have a RestAPI?

    Is the programming a separate branch of HTTP or do you need other programming languages?

    How should I imagine the practical implementation. Is an independent VM set up on the server which takes care of the data exchange between the systems?

  • Kopano

    Hi @pixel,

    the nice thing about a rest api is that since its webbased you are free to choose your local implementation language (you could even do it with curl from the command line). Either your ERP has a native functionality to call out external applications or you need some sort of middle ware (on the same server or a different vm/container/whatever) that connects to Kopano through the RestAPI and uses whatever api your erp system has to connect to it.