Is the kopano database atomic redundant?.

  • I have worked many years as a Microsoft Exchange specialist.
    Now, I work at a Kopano using company
    I am wondering, how the databases compare.
    from Exchange side I know it uses transaction logs, for every DB action.
    So in the event of a server crash, the latest backup + last transaction logs, can bring a DB to its latest state.
    The proces is often referred to as atomic (or acid).

    why i wonder this
    I am thinking of HA backup (snapshot) strategies for Kopano in a XCP-ng server setup
    And so I wonder if recovery also gets a DB till the point of failure (by transaction logs).

  • Kopano

    Hi @Handyman,

    Kopano uses InnoDB within MySQL/MariaDB. Ultimately its the database server that takes the most responsibility of acid confirmity.