• Hi All.

    Im using Kopano 10.0.5 with WebApp 3.5.4 with db user engine and im trying configure to user aliases to be able send as from webapp.

    As i understand it from documentation it can be done with Send on Behalf of delegation or Send as delegation.

    Im choose Send as delegation so i add created user to delegation list:

    # creating users
    kopano-admin -c user@domain.com -e user@domain.com -f "user" -p somepwd
    kopano-admin -c alias@domain.com -e alias@domain.com -f "alias" -p somepwd
    # set delegation
    kopano-admin -u user@domain.com --add-sendas alias@domain.com

    Im log in to WebApp as user@domain.com and try send email with From: alias@domain.com
    but it dont work, im get below error.

    # from spooler log
    [info   ] User "User" is not allowed to send as user or group "alias". You may enable all outgoing addresses by enabling the always_send_delegates option.
    [warning] E-mail for user user@domain.com may not be sent, notifying user

    The below option is not a solution for me and with that Send As dont make a sense.

    # spooler.cfg
    always_send_delegates = yes

    Is here some one who can explain me, how it have be set correctly or how it work ?
    Im search forum and dont found any relevant info how it realy work, how to use aliases.


  • Kopano

    @sky-x said in send as delegation:

    kopano-admin -u user@domain.com --add-sendas alias@domain.com

    The command is the wrong way. you are allowing alias@ to send as user@

  • @fbartels It works this way, many thanks. Im interpert it from docu in wrong way :D