• HI there, I have a need to build a seperate instance of Kopano Webapp away from the server components, and was hoping to have this run under Alpine linux. I’m hitting barriers with getting libvmime to compile which is limiting the ability to finish the ./configure command in Kopano Core so that I can attempt to compile PHP-MAPI. Is there a source tree somewhere that just has PHP-MAPI available that I can compile without having to go through the Core compilation?

    Many thanks

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    Hi @tiredofit,

    while there is an ongoing effort to remove more and more pieces from the kopano core git repo, there is as of now no separate one for php-mapi (at least that I know of).

  • Thanks for the response @fbbartels. I was able to get past the configure step yet fails on compilation with make (all of KC). I’ll spend some time to see if I can decouple it from the makefile and report back. Also a great challenge to see if I can get KC to compile on a musl based system :)

  • php-mapi exposes functionality of libkcinetmapi, which is based on vmime, so there are no shortcuts. Moving it into a separate repo would do no good.

  • Thanks for more insight @jengelh. So if I am to understand correctly, if I was to be able to have a working PHP-MAPI extension, I would need to compile all of Kopano Core, and split the php-mapi.so out to be used for a seperate web based solution (let’s say a Docker container). I suppose I was hoping to be able to put together a build and break it out into seperate packages similar to how I see your nightly build system operating with a php-mapi style deb (only under Alpine).

    I encountered numerous issues with building with a musl based system so I may have to just revert to my plans to doing this under a debian based system.

  • Looks trivial enough to me to fix… hold the beer.