• Hi, guys,

    Unfortunately I did not find a similar problem in the manual or in the forum. I hope someone can help.

    I have configured two accounts in the webapp: my private (ingo) and a shared one (info).

    I would now like to be able to choose which account I want to use to send e-mail. I am logged in with my private account. I have full access to the shared account. At the shared account (info) I am registered at “send as”.

    Kopano authenticates itself against Active Directory.

    When I send a mail with the shared account, I get:

    Unfortunately, kopano-spooler was unable to deliver your mail.
    The error given was:
    It is not allowed to send messages under this user or group name. 
    You may need to contact your e-mail administrator to solve this problem.

    The syslog does not say more than:

    Jul 28 11:03:25 kopano kopano-spooler[474]: E-mail for user ingo may not be sent, notifying user

    My setup:

    OS: Debian Buster
    WebApp: 4.2.2852+1692.1
    Kopano Core: 10.0.6
    Z-Push: 2.5.2+0-0
    Active Directory on a W2kR2 Server with Kopano AD Extension

    Sending “on behalf” works as expected but this is not the goal.

    Is there a solution here? If you need more information about the setup just let me know.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi guys,

    problem fixed.

    I mixed up the rights in AD. In “Send As” the users with that privilgege have to be entered (not the other way round as I did)

    Sorry for disturbing …