• I updated my Kopano Server from 18.04 to 20.04 today and as far as I can tell everything went fine except for Z-Push:

    • to my amazement, there is no z-push repository for 20.04
    • ubuntu 20.04 includes z-push packages, but these cannot be used since they seem to depend on a prehistory kopano version that for some weird reason also seems to be in the ubuntu repositories (8.7.0)

    How do I get Z-Push to work with Ubuntu 20.04? Adding the 18.04 repository is probably the way to go, but I get version conflicts with the packages from the Ubuntu repository.

  • Talking to myself here, but perhaps someone will stuble upon the same problem:

    to get this working, use the 18.04 repository for 20.04

    1. remove existing packages as needed
      apt search z-push | grep -i “installed” (shows what is currently installed)
      apt remove z-push-autodiscover z-push-backend-caldav z-push-common z-push-ipc-sharedmemory (example)

    2. install new packages
      apt install z-push-kopano z-push-autodiscover (example)

    The main thing here is that you do NOT try to install the “z-push” meta package, which comes from the ubuntu 20.04 repository and screws everything up.

  • Thanks, I did. Glad the 18.04 package workds