X-Spam-Flag and "Not forwarding autoreplies"

  • Hello Kopanos
    it seems to be hardcoded, that forwarding rules are disabled, when the mail has an “X-Spam-Flag” header. Is that documented somewhere? Is there a way to allow this? Our usecase is, that some false positiv flagged mails or mails which are released from antispam, vanish while rules-pocessing

    Fri Jul 24 17:33:02 2020: [warning] Rule “Tickets holen”: Not forwarding autoreplies
    Fri Jul 24 17:33:02 2020: [debug ] Rule action: moving e-mail

    First Mail is not forwarded (the log-entry is misleading, reason is X-Spam-Flag), second mail is moved to delete-folder and here deleted after 24h -> vanished

    Thanks for reply,