Free space from deleted user?

  • Hi,

    I’m currently migrating to Kopano and did a mistake on the import of my mailbox. I have then deleted my user and the corresponding orphan store. (kopano-admin -d user, kopano-admin --remove-store guid)

    But the corresponding disk space was not released again. Do I need to trigger a cleanup job or something similar?

    Thank you!


  • Kopano

    Hi @Peter0x48,

    how did you import the user and how did you deduce that no disk space was released? Its it the MySQL/MariaDB database that did not shrink?

    If so then this is kind of expected as MySQL would not shrink ibdata files just because data in the database was deleted.

    edit: actually the way you imported the data is not important. when you deleted the orphaned store less data will be stored.

  • Hi @fbartels,

    thanks for your message.

    I ran ncdu /var and compared the usage and have seen that MySQL took the space and the attachments folder was already shrinked (14MB, no mailbox exists). There were some .ibd files with the name of the table. I then ran Optimize table against those and now the file size is no longer significant.
    Now only the folder /var/lib/kopano/search has 430MB, it looks like the search index wasn’t deleted.

    In /var/lib/kopano/search is a folder which has the StoreID of the deleted mailbox in name, I guess this can be removed?


  • Stop kopano-search and delete the content of /var/lib/kopano/search and start kopano-search again.

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