Since Update Webapp from 3.5 to 4.1, deskapp did'nt show me EML mails from Filemanager

  • Hello all,

    we updatet Univention Server and us Kopano from Versions:

    Kopano Core: 8.7.12


    WebApp: 4.1.2835+114.1
    Kopano Core: 8.7.14

    So normaly if we open an local saved EML file it will be succesfully imported in drafts, and it opens automatically. But since the update, the mail is no longer opened automatically. At first it looks like nothing is going to happen. Only the Import in drafts to the job. And it need some the to show unread mails in drafts. About on minute.

    The behavior can be observed on KDE Neon 18.04 (Ubuntu based) and Windows 10.

    Has anything changed here? What can we do to get this functional again? Since we are IT service providers, we need this feature every day.

    Many thanks :)

  • Kopano

    @boospy We are aware of this issue and already have a fix:

    This is caused by WebApp not DeskApp, so upgrading WebApp when the fixed is released will solve the issue.

  • Very Thanks!