Add own plugin on Kopano Community Site f.e. (


is there a possibility to add an own plugin for WebApp to a Kopano Site, f.e. to the Kopano Community Site ( I couldn’t find a possiblity.

Thanks, Norman

Hi @norman ,

we are internally still discussing a potential workflow to have outside developers present their extensions and add-ons to our products. The old Zarafa Community Hub was some start to it, but ultimately made it too complicated (the whole site provided too much functionality, but still too less interaction).

One possibility would be to have a wiki page for this, but how to manage contributions/revisions? Everyone just giving write permissions does not seem appealing.

The other hot option would be a style list in a git repo on

My goal would be to have something by the end of the quarter for this.


thanks for the answer… I’m curious ;-)


Hi @norman ,

I added view privileges for your user to the repository with the current state. Internal feedback is good so far, but I am still hoping to populate the list a bit more before making it public.

Feedback in general and regarding the changes workflow is appreciated.

You can reach the repo through:

The listing is now public for everyone.