Split Users from a Single-Server & merge other Single-Server into a Multi-server/Multi-Tenancy setup

  • Hello Community.

    First. Is it possibe to merge two or more Zarafa’s/Kopano’s in one DB/Store?

    Next, how to split this created single Kopano instance to a multi-server/multi-tenant setup without data loss, but manged at a single point through a (samba) AD. The basic-setup and AD are no problem. This is all up and running, but when i switch from single to multi all mailboxes are empty.

    I’ve studied the documentation but it looks like that is only for a fresh setup. Is there a way or howto to split the database/attachments to a multi-server multi-tenancy setup? Maybe a script?

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards

  • Kopano

    Hi @marcus-bauch,

    currently the only way to move users between servers would be to use kopano-backup for backup and then restore. As part of a paid development project we are currently working on a tool to allow a direct sync of given users. You can get in contact with our sales team in case you want to join this development effort.

    Its been a while since I played with switching between single/multi tenant configurations, but the last time it just reattached users to their stores instead of creating new ones. If you see empty stores, you could still be able to reattach the old orphaned stores to the user.

  • Hej Felix.

    Thank you. I will give it a try.


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