Debian 10: portal does not support deb10, download repo broken?

  • Hi!

    The tool to create an apt file for getting Kopano from the repository lacks the selector for Debian 10:

    portal screenshot.png

    In addition to this, on the repository server for Debian 10, the files:/final subdirectory misses Debian 10:

    Download screenshot.png

    Is files: no longer needed? Or is the repository broken?


  • Kopano

    Hi @itserv,

    I’ve notified our support about the missing Debian 10 option in the portal for Groupware Core. Until its added there you can simply configure the repository manually.

    For the files plugin I would recommend to post in the webapp plugin repository (or open a support case).

    Edit: just got the update that this (the Debian 10 option in the portal) was already added yesterday