Getting disk error when running softdelete

  • Hi there,

    i just grabbed my database and pushed it into a clean install of kopano. When i try running a --purge-softdelete 30 i get an

    [error  ] Softdelete purge failed: disk error (80040116)

    In server.log:

    [error  ] Error while removing softdelete message objects: disk error (80000007)

    All mysql settings and server.cfg are the same. In webapp everything is where it should be. Don´t have any clou how to fix this. Tried already different mysql settings without success.
    At the moment i am trying to get it running on a fresh Debian Buster 10 with WebApp: 4.0.2740+113.1, Kopano Core: 8.7.14, Z-Push: 2.5.2+0-0.
    The database is coming from my actual running system: Debain Stretch 9.12, WebApp:, Kopano Core: 8.7.82, Z-Push: 2.5.1+0-0

    Hopefully somebody got an idea.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Hey everybody,

    this topic can be closed as the solution has been found :)

    The backup of the database was corrupted due to the fact that the backup script was not clean :(
    I now made a fresh dump and now everything runs like a charme. Backup script has been corrected, so another sign to ALWAYS check and proof backups :)


  • Hey everybody,

    after testing i have recognized that it is not working :( So by now i am really running out of ideas. What could be the root cause for the disk error? The dump was a clean one out of the original sys like described in the manual…

    It would be great if someone would have some ideas and suggestions.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for any confusions…


  • Kopano

    Hi @icey,

    I don’t have a direct idea what could be the cause of this, but maybe enabling sql logging could give additional insights.

    Since you seem to have purchased a subscription it may be a better idea to directly follow this up with the Kopano support.

  • @icey

    It might be a strange idea: did you check the disk for errors? If you have a corrupt disk, you will surely encounter this problem. How is your server build, how the (virtual?) disk storage?

    You should also look at the mysql error log for more information. Basically, kopano-server only talks with mysql, so if a kopano tool reports an error, they can come from the kopano server process or be forwarded by it originating from mysql. Therefor, looking at the mysql logs is always a good idea.

  • You might also run mysqlcheck -A to check for table corruptions. Full disk, exceeding disk quoata, too small log files … all these can lead to mysql not accepting a write which should result in a disk error in kopano.

    Again, check your mysql logs.

  • disk error does not mean disk error, it’s just “any database error” shoehorned into the MAPI error constants.

  • Hi @All,

    sorry for coming back on this topic so late by me.
    The error is so easy to be honest but it was not that easy to find :)

    The reason why the diskerror occured was that the sofdelete task was not able to delete the attachaments in the attachaments folder due to wrong permissions…

    So sorry for the inconvinience.

    Best regards