Kopano Core Rollback


because of several bugs in the current release I want a rollback of a previous version.
How do I do that?





If your going back not to far it should be enough to install the older kopano-core release above the newer one and use the ignore database switch to start

service zarafa-server start --ignore-database-version-conflict



Hi Christian,

unfortunately I must go from 8.4.0-693 to 8.4.0-35 beause i have not stored a newer version,
and Kopano does not pusblished older versions.

When I try to use the "ingnore database switch " the server does not start.


Also having trouble with the rollback. Also tried to set the option /etc/default/kopano


Ok I think that version should be ok I meant with older version 8.2 or earlier

what does the server.log show on trying to start kopano-core



@externa1 In my case the options seems to be ignored. The server is complaining about newer database version.


I delete the revision information from the database.
Then the kopano server start without an error.

Insert Code Here
```DELETE from versions WHERE databaserevision=66 AND revision=693;

@schmidt Thank you! Now I also have a way to understand if a rollback causes problems. I was not aware of that there is a whole history of database revisions.

(Rollback worked. Back to normal operations. Waiting for a more stable versions with patience.)

as long as the database revision stays the same a rollback is always possible and quite painless.

Personally I would also always remove the failed upgrade from the versions table, but if the downgrade is only for a quick test starting kopano-server with the --ignore-database-version-conflict is of course also possible.