Kopano Migration mass import contacts

  • Hello,

    I’m using horde now and want to migrate to Kopano.
    I’m now on the point to migrate the contacts of my users.
    I have’t find a good solution.
    The right click and import doesn’t work. no message at all.

    the import_rfc.py can olnly one contact.

    How can i migrate it on a normal way ?



  • Kopano

    Hi @Soekris,

    the specific script you mentioned was indeed designed to expect a single contact per file. For WebApp there was some development a few months ago to allow to import multiple items from a single file, but you do not mention the version you are using are you running an older version?

  • The versions are:
    Kopano Core:

    I’ts the nightly for ubuntu 18.04
    I was building ansible playbooks to deploy this and now i’m ready to migrate.
    I’m a normal home user who want to doe enterprice stuff.