Timezone display

Hello Forum,

i’ve got a report from a user, that the time isn’t correctly displayed when in another timezone.

He had a meeting request for (correct) time 9:15 (CEST = UTC +2).
He was located in Namibia (UTC +1) and had displayed 8:15 on his Iphone.

I know there are some issues with UCS timezone-settings, but im running on KC and z-push on CentOS 7.

Any ideas?


Hi @Coffee_is_life ,

that does sound correct I would say. If you create an appointment at 9:15 utc+2 and then update your timezone to be utc+1 it will be displayed at 8:15. 9:15 utc+2 is the same as 8:15 utc+1

Or did I misunderstand you?

HI @fbartels,

maybe i misunderstood my user and transfered it here :)

yes, the translation from timezone to timezone is correct, but is there an option to always use the server-timezone? - or displayed with the timezone attached?


@Coffee_is_life that more of a client side thing I would say and not really something that z-push can influence.

But since you mentioned “iPhone”. I just manually changed the timezone on my testing iPad and when I now click on an appointment in the calendar he does display it with the set timezone, but also gives an additional line displaying the time according to the regular timezone.

@fbartels thatnks for the test with iphones - got no one here for tests and cant look into the brain of my users :)

i will check the timezone-settings on the iphone and maybe this can be closed if its displayed already :)