• Package Kopano core on Ubuntu 16.04 contains several packages with different versions (10.0.1 10.0.4 & 10.0.5).
    Some packages exist as 10.0.1 & 10.0.5 (e.g. python3-kopano-search).
    This leads to unmet dependencies and versions mismatch.
    Please correct the Ubunto 16.04 package or advise how to proceed.


  • Kopano

    Hi @embexx,

    thanks for your report. I have looked at our build system and for those components that you still see the 10.0.4 version number the build is currently failing, which leads to the last succeeded build still being added to the archive.

    I have asked internally to investigate the build failure, although generally I would recommend you to upgrade to a newer os, as we will most likely remove support for Ubuntu 16.04 soon anyways (as 20.04 is available already as well).

  • Kopano

    I mentioned in a topic that linked to this, but want to mention it here as well.

    In the end we decided to disable the build for Ubuntu 16.04 in the nightly downloads since it was failing automated testing and there are already two newer Ubuntu lts releases available anyways.

    16.04 for the moment still remains available for customers with a subscription, but will also be removed for releases based on the current master branch.