• I have Kopano Gateway 10.0.3 as part of the Kopano4s installation.

    I have been seeing repeated problems on Thunderbird especially, where I have 5 accounts linked to Kopano using IMAP/SSL. On many occasions, one account would show a different account’s emails. Restarting Thunderbird sometimes corrected this, sometimes just “swapped around” where the emails were shown. Windows 10 email would sometimes simply not sync at all (perhaps it checks message content better?)

    I uninstalled, deleted all files and re-installed Thunderbird 68 with no effect.

    I subsequently found the “process_model = thread” and changed to “fork”, and immediately the emails resynced correctly. I have a very small user base, so process overheads are acceptable.

    Is there really this serious an issue with the “thread” process model?


  • Kopano

    Hi @peterm888,

    I looked into two such reports in the past, but this was never reproducible and therefore nothing much has happened there (but this systems were all well above the home use scale). Do you have specific steps to reproduce this issue?

    While running with process_model thread uses a bit less resources if you really want to scale out and avoid potential connection reuse issues fork is indeed the better choice.