Zarafa caldav

  • Hi,
    I have a user with a Mac on the network and we are using Zarafa Server running on SME Server 9.2. All windows users have a zarafa client installed and working. The mac email is setup manually and caldav is added via http://ServerIP:8088/caldav/User

    The issue that the mac user is facing is when creating meetings and adding attendees, the meeting request is not sent out to the attendees when meeting is created, edited or deleted when using the caldav on the mac. But the meeting is created on the mac users calendar and created on the zarafa users calendar via the caldav.

    Windows users work 100% fine.

    What can be done so that the mail request is processed and sent out when creating the meeting on the mac ?


  • Kopano

    Hello @DonovanK ,

    I’ve searched but was unable to find a similar issue. Can you provide some elevated logging from around the time the meeting request is created and sent?

    Please be aware that there won’t be any updated packages for Zarafa anymore, so if Kopano would create a patch, this will only be included in future Kopano builds.

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