[solved] "suddenly" Guestsessions redirect to login

  • Hi,
    out of nowhere, if we create a public group in Meet and share the link, our guests were redirected to the loginwindow of meet, running on UCS, instead of being asked for the guestname and finally can “login” as a guest.

    This is very weird, cause we have not changed anything to the configuration and it worked like a charm a few days ago.

    Do you have any tips for me?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Kopano

    Hi @mcdaniels,

    can you share an example url where you now see a login window (not the url that is used when the login screen is shown, but the url you share with the guest)?

    Generally speaking https://birdeatsbug.com/ is a nice browser extension to debug these cases as it keeps a protocol of the browser console and also has the ability to record what the user is seeing.

  • Hi!

    Just smashing my head against the table.

    If you use https://meet.mydomain.at/meet/r/group/public/test instead of:

    it cannot work.

    I wonder how this happend when copy and pasting… (well it cannot be copy/pasted).


    Note to myself: Don’t do a lot of things simultaneously! :-(