[Windows 10] v2.5.4 + v2.6.0 high CPU load after closing

  • Hi together,

    after logout of Kopano, the taskbar icon disappears, but the application is still running with high cpu load. It only stops after klling in task manager.

    I took I look into this process with process explorer. May it helps:


    When I was writing this, I saw there is a version v2.6.0, so I give it a try, with the same result:


    May it helps. I could collect also some other data, if it’s needed.

    I hope you can fix it.

  • Hej,
    I’d like to confirm the apps behaviour described above. Also tested on Win10 with v2.5.4 and 2.6.0.

    A workaround, which worked for us, was to turn off the “deleting cache after closing”-option in the DeskApp settings.
    2020-06-24 05_57_20-Window.png

    Would be nice if you could test and confirm.


  • Hey,

    I’ve tested it and can confirm that disabling the cache cleanup fixed this issue for me. Thank you very much.

    Best wishes

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