Options for syncing Contacts to Thunderbird

  • Hi all,

    I am creating a proof of concept for some of our customers and want to go with Kopano. The latest stable release is installed on CentOS 7 (up2date) on a virtual infrastructure. There are some questions on my side, that have not been answered by googling and reading the knowledgebase/documentation.

    Our customers want to use Thunderbird with several plugins. Mail, calendar and contacts. Now I checked all options for doing this with Kopano:

    • Mail with IMAP and SMTP
    • Calendars with CalDav
    • Contacts with ?

    So I set up kopano-ical and z-push for deploying all services with tbysnc to Thunderbird. Kopano-ical cannot deliver contacts, only calendars. Shared calendars are possible, too. So it would work for our scenario. Contacts can only be synced via z-push. Unfortunately with their own address books only, or did I missconfigured something?

    I have found the KDAV project, but if I would install it, is it support by Kopano? I would like to buy licenses and support this project.

    What can I do to sync my own contacts, global address books and shared contacts from other users to my Thunderbird and maybe to mobile devices, too?

    Hope for an answer and want to say thanks :)

  • Kopano

    Hi @bayerlein,

    one option especially when thinking about Thunderbird could be TBSync, which gets contacts via ActiveSync. I am not a Thunderbird user however, so I cannot speak for the quality of the sync.

    Another option could be kdav. Which exposes the contacts via carddav, but I think for this you still need a third party plugin for Thunderbird.

    But instead of trying to pimp up Thunderbird with plugins for calendar and contacts I would rather recommend to use WebApp or DeskApp (if you want a desktop application).

  • Hi @fbartels,

    thank you very much for your answer :)

    TBSync worked, but only for personal contacts, not for a global address book or shared address books.

    KDav was quite complicated on CentOS 7 to run, but did not investigated much work in it. Tried to run it with php-fpm and php version 7.0. We are using CardBook for it with OX App Suite, but wanted to switch to another solution like Kopano.

    Unfortunately this is what users was asking for.

    Do you know if there is a plan to integrate caldav for calendars and contacts to kopano in future releases?

    Thank again :)

  • Kopano

    @bayerlein yes, kdav was planned to become to main source for carddav for Kopano. But interest and feedback for it seems generally low.

  • @bayerlein In Thunderbird Addressbook you can add an LDAP Directory to access the GAL. I never tried it though.