how to import specific folder from .pst -> specific folder

  • I want to import only “sent messages” -> “sent objects” of an already created user.
    is this somehow possible?

    I can use:
    kopano-migration-pst ./file.pst -f “sent messages” -u t.user@domain.tld

    to just import a specific folder.
    but how to use a specific target-folder (sent objects)?
    or is there a way to move all elements of a folder and delete the old one using cli?

  • @theoneandonly-vector

    man kopano-migration-pst explains this
    there is also an import option to define the restore root folder with --import-root

    Import PST file name “outlook.pst” to store of user “bert”:

       kopano-migration-pst -u bert outlook.pst
       Import PST file name "public.pst" into (new or existing) "imported" folder of public store:
       kopano-migration-pst -S public --import-root=imported public.pst


  • hey there, thank you for the repsonse

    sadly it’s not yet what I search for.
    if I use:
    kopano-migration-pst ./user.pst -f “Sent Elements” -u user@domain.tld --import-root=“Sent Objects”

    it creates a subfolder inside “Sent Objects”.
    my target is to have all the e-mails inside “Sent Objects”

    right now I need to modify the .pst manually.