Distribute mails using alias address

  • Hello, everyone,

    I’ve been struggling with a problem in Kopano for a while now that has to do with aliases and distribution rules.

    My colleague has the primary mail address ‘guilia@mydomain.de’ As alternative mail address she has ‘invoice@mydomain.de’ This address I have entered as alternative mail address. So she can send mails with this address.

    On the external webserver all mails to ‘invoice@mydomain.de’ are forwarded to the box ‘guilia@mydomain.de’.

    Fetchmail now fetches the mailbox ‘guilia@mydomain.de’ and assigns it to the local user ‘guilia’. In Kopano all incoming mails to ‘invoice@mydomain.de’ should be moved with a rule to a defined folder. This does not work. Only if I remove the alternative mail address (alias) of user ‘guilia’ the rule will work.

    But then the user ‘guilia’ can no longer send mails with the address ‘invoice@mydomain.de’.

    Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem in Kopano?

    I think this requirement exists in every company. Will it be solved in Kopano in a different way?

    kind regards

  • Kopano

    Hi @pixel,

    I think I have already answered this question for you in https://help.univention.com/t/verteilregel-anhand-an-alias-mail-funktioniert-nicht/10955

  • if I understand the answers from the forum correctly I have to use for each mail alias:

    • create a separate mailbox on the web server
    • create a Kopano group
    • deliver these mails to the group via fetchmail


    Then the user can send under this alias?

  • Kopano

    The starting point is that if something is an alias for a mailbox, then its the same as the mailbox itself. This is the reason why dagent will resolve it to your user guilia.

    I think the better approach here is to have a dedicated mailbox for the “invoice” address. This will also reduce the chance that the user forgets to set the “from” address to it when replying.

    Since its already the external system who delivers the mail into the mailbox of guilia I would not expect that you need an extra fetchmail job to retrieve the mail, but you for sure need an inactive user or a group to be able to allow guilia to send-as/delegate mail as that additional address.

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