• Hello,

    My Kopano server works like a charm with Android and Windows, but when i tri to use it with Safari (Ios and MacOS), i don’t see it in Turn Sessions…
    Actually my kwmserverd retrieve a JSON for connect to coturn where only turns URI are present.


    If i use turn URI without TLS, it’s working.


    My coturn certificate is delivered by letsencrypt (TLS 1.2).

    My setup :

    Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
    Packages installed :

    root@kopano:/etc/kopano# dpkg -l | grep -i kopano
         ii  kopano-backup                             amd64        Utility to back up and restore Kopano stores
         ii  kopano-client                             amd64        Kopano MAPI provider library
         ii  kopano-common                             amd64        Shared files for Kopano services
         ii  kopano-dagent                             amd64        E-Mail Delivery Agent for Kopano Core
         ii  kopano-dagent-pytils                      amd64        Additional message handlers for kopano-dagent
         ii  kopano-gateway                            amd64        POP3 and IMAP Gateway for Kopano Core
         ii  kopano-grapi                                    10.2.0+0.200fd8f-0+27.1      amd64        REST entrypoints to the Kopano Groupware Core stack
         ii  kopano-grapi-bin                                10.2.0+0.200fd8f-0+27.1      amd64        Kopano GRAPI service
         ii  kopano-ical                               amd64        ICal and CalDAV Gateway for Kopano Core
         ii  kopano-kapid                                    0.14.0-0+337.2               amd64        Kopano API HTTP REST-Endpoints
         ii  kopano-konnectd                                 0.30.0-0+346.1               amd64        Kopano Konnect OpenID Connect Provider service daemon
         ii  kopano-kwebd                                    0.9.1-0+302.1                amd64        Kopano Web Server
         ii  kopano-kwmserverd                               1.1.0-0+333.2                amd64        Kopano Web Meetings Server
         ii  kopano-lang                               all          Translations for Kopano Core components
         ii  kopano-meet                                     2.1.0-0+353.1                all          Metapackage to install Kopano Meet
         ii  kopano-meet-packages                            2.1.0-0+353.1                all          Metapackage to install the entire Kopano Meet stack
         ii  kopano-meet-webapp                              2.1.0-0+353.1                all          Kopano Meet Webapp
         ii  kopano-migration-imap                     amd64        Utility to migrate between IMAP mailboxes
         ii  kopano-migration-pst                      amd64        Utility to import PST files
         ii  kopano-monitor                            amd64        Quota Monitor for Kopano Core
         ii  kopano-python-utils                       amd64        Additional Python-based command-line utils for Kopano Core
         ii  kopano-python3-extras                           0.2.0+0-0+55.1               amd64        Kopano Python 3 extra dependencies
         ii  kopano-search                             amd64        Indexed search engine for Kopano Core
         ii  kopano-server                             amd64        Server component for Kopano Core
         ii  kopano-server-packages                    all          Metapackage to install the entire Kopano Core stack
         ii  kopano-spooler                            amd64        E-mail Spooler for Kopano Core
         ii  kopano-webapp                                   4.0.2676+1570.1              all          New and improved WebApp for Kopano
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-contactfax                 4.0.2676+1570.1              all          Kopano WebApp fax plugin
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-desktopnotifications                all          Kopano WebApp Desktop notifications plugin
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-filepreviewer                    all          Kopano File previewer plugin
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-files                           all          Adds Files functionality to Kopano enabling access to WebDAV and other files backends.
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-filesbackend-owncloud                all          Adds Owncloud specific functionality to Kopano Files plugin.
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-filesbackend-smb                  all          Adds Samba specific functionality to Kopano Files plugin.
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-folderwidgets              4.0.2676+1570.1              all          Kopano WebApp folder widgets plugin
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-gmaps                      4.0.2676+1570.1              all          Kopano WebApp google maps plugin
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-htmleditor-minimal-tinymce                all          Kopano WebApp TinyMCE editor with minimal functionality
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-htmleditor-quill                 all          Kopano WebApp Quill editor
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-intranet                         all          This plugin adds one or more buttons in the top menu bar which can be used to open a webpage inside Kopano WebApp.
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-mdm                        3.0.135+86.1                 all          Kopano WebApp MDM plugin
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-meetings                              all          Kopano WebApp Meetings Plugin
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-pimfolder                  4.0.2676+1570.1              all          Kopano WebApp personal inbox plugin
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-quickitems                 4.0.2676+1570.1              all          Kopano WebApp quick items plugin
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-smime                          all          Kopano WebApp S/MIME plugin
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-titlecounter               4.0.2676+1570.1              all          Kopano WebApp Titlecounter plugin
         ii  kopano-webapp-plugin-webappmanual               4.0.2676+1570.1              all          Kopano WebApp Manual plugin
         ii  libgsoap-kopano-2.8.99                          2.8.99-0+1.1                 amd64        Runtime libraries for gSOAP
         ii  libkcarchiver0                            amd64        Library with shared Kopano archiver functionality
         ii  libkcindex0                               amd64        Fulltext indexing API for Kopano Core
         ii  libkcoidc0                                      0.8.1-0+331.1                amd64        Kopano OpenID Connect Library
         ii  libkcserver0                              amd64        The Kopano Server library
         ii  libkcsoap0                                amd64        SOAP (de)serializer functions for Kopano's RPCs
         ii  libkcutil0                                amd64        Miscellaneous utility functions for Kopano Core
         ii  libmapi1                                  amd64        Kopano's implementation of the Messaging API
         ii  libvmime-kopano3                                       amd64        Library for working with MIME messages and IMAP/POP/SMTP
         ii  php-kopano-smime                                1.0.00+18.1                  amd64        PHP Kopano SMIME Extension extends the php-openssl functions.
         ii  python3-grapi                                   10.2.0+0.200fd8f-0+27.1      amd64        Kopano GRAPI Python 3 API
         ii  python3-grapi.api.v1                            10.2.0+0.200fd8f-0+27.1      amd64        Kopano GRAPI Python 3 REST API v1 endpoints
         ii  python3-grapi.backend.kopano                    10.2.0+0.200fd8f-0+27.1      amd64        Kopano GRAPI Python 3 backend for Kopano Groupware
         ii  python3-grapi.mfr                               10.2.0+0.200fd8f-0+27.1      amd64        Kopano GRAPI Python 3 MFR
         ii  python3-kopano                            all          High-level Python 3 bindings for Kopano
         ii  python3-kopano-search                     all          Kopano search module for Python 3
         ii  python3-kopano-utils                      all          Kopano utils modules for Python 3
         ii  z-push-backend-kopano                           2.5.1+0-0                    all          Z-Push Kopano backend
         ii  z-push-kopano                                   2.5.1+0-0                    all          Z-Push for Kopano

    I have also find this thread on coturn github page where i explain my problem but i don’t think coturn is the problem (https://github.com/coturn/coturn/issues/249)

    Best regards,

  • Kopano

    Browser support for turns is not great. Webkit might not support it. I suggest you just use turn without tls, preferably on port 443. Coturn serves all it’s protocols on all ports. Turn tls has little benefit and your data which is relayed through the turn server is encrypted regardless.

  • Kopano

    Btw , last I checked Firefox did not support turns either.

  • Thanks I understand. Port 443 is only used to pass through firewalls easier or is there other reason ?

  • Kopano


    Yes 443 is just so it’s more likely that firewalls let the traffic through. Also it might be required with a http proxy which limit the connect target ports.