Export PST from Zarafa

Hi All,

I would like to export PST from my Zarafa plateform but I didn’t find the Zafara Migration Tool

How can I find it? Or is there an other way now to export pst

Thank you in advance,

The Migration tool is not available anymore for download from Zarafa, but there are some site out there that have created mirrors of these. http://www.igaware.com/support/ for example.

Hi Naz, i sent you a chat message.

I still have the setup for version 7.1.44333 on my disk, if you want, I can share it with you. But on this site you can download 7.2.51263.

Hi, Thank you all for your answer!
I could execute the tool

I just have an issue with the csv file when I want to export PST file. In the documentation, I have to provide destination-user and filename, in which format have I to give destination-user? Name, SAMAccountName? … ?

Thank you in advance,