• Hi,

    I am testing Kopano Meet (community edition) and have a question regarding commercial license for meet.

    On the offical site for Kopano (https://kopano.com/pricing/) there is a basic subscription offered for 15€ per user/year and another 12€ per user/year for “Web Meetings”.

    Is the addon “Web Meetings” meant to be for “Meet”?

    If yes:

    • If I for example order a 5 user pack is the TURN service included?
    • How many guest clients can participate in a conference call? (e.g. can all 5 users join a conference call and can other guests be invited or ist the amount of participants limited to the number of active paid users?)

    If no:

    Is the only other option using the community edition and using own TURN server or do I have to order a commercial subscription on meet-app.io?

    Thank you in advance and stay healthy.


  • Kopano

    Hi @fkroeger,

    the listing on kopano.com refer to the Kopano groupware product and the old web meetings product. For the new meet the relevant information are on meet-app.io.