feedback kopano-meet in ucs

  • Hi everyone,

    actually, we’re testing kopano-meet in our UCS environment. On the first glance, it works quite well. We’ve had small issues with

    • users, that could not connect (waiting forever after authentication against the openid-connect-provider)
    • users could connect, but ignored the access to mic/cam hints of the browser. We recognized that in group meetings, where these users could join the meeting with both mic and cam deactivated.

    I’d like to know, if there is a technical max user limit for group meetings?


  • Kopano

    Hi Sebastian,

    Nice to hear you’re testing Meet. Have you been able to solve both problems?

    There is no way for us to work around the permissions users need to give for the browser to use the cam/mic (this is a good thing, but annoying for the user).

    The number of users in a meeting is limited by CPU / bandwidth available. All participants in the meeting have a one-on-one connection (or actually two, one for audio, one for video). We are investigating possible solutions to further increase the number of participants in a call.

  • Hey Bob,

    for the openid-connect-provider issue, we couldn’t help much. It was, for at least one user, a reason for giving up using it :(
    For the cam/mic issue, we could help the user via remote support. Maybe there could be a hint somewhere for the user, that they have to give permissions directly. (even it seems to be logical in a video-call context)

    Is there a way to measure the traffic per user-session? I am asking this, because we’ve had users, that could easily participate in a group call, and next time it was more or less impossible to get a one-on-one session with that same user (even in a audio-only session). I know it there are a lot of chain links in that question. What we used to hear from our customers is something like “What about using skype instead? They can handle it.”


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