Autoresponder issues

  • Morning All

    We are still using Zarafa 7.1.14 (until we get our new server, and will migrate to Kopano)

    We are having issues with the autoresponder when a user puts on their ‘out of office’ message from within webaccess.
    Reading various documents, the o-o-o message should only be sent to the same email address once in a 24hr period.
    However, the system seems to be replying to ALL emails to the user with the o-o-o message. This has recently been emphatically seen when the users’s o-o-o kept replying to another user’s o-o-o messages. We saw 2000 messages back and forth between the 2 accounts in a very short period!

    Is there anything else I can check (other than the /etc/zarafa/autorespond file)?



  • Kopano

    Hi @chipsuk,

    it would be interesting to see the dagent logging (the dagent sends out the out of office message) when this happens. I have not looked up changelogs but I do remember some late zarafa fixes to loop detection in regards to oof (and also some in Kopano meanwhile).

  • Nothing appears in the dagent log… even after increasing log level to 5


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