deskapp shows new message on wrong screen

  • Hi everybody,
    I use Ubuntu 19.10 with the latest version of Kopano deskapp I have a laptop with an additional monitor. The monitor is setup as my main screen. I have configured my mailbox in the settings to show mail items in their own Browser window.

    When I create a new message, each time the new message window is shown on my builtin laptop display. I expect that it is shown on my main screen which is the additional monitor.

    What is the default behaviour of the deskapp? Does it show new message windows on the default respectively the main screen? Is there something wrong in my Ubuntu configuration?


  • Kopano

    @passt What is the behavior in Chrome?

  • Chromium shows the window for composing a new mail on my main screen. But Deskapp still refuses and shows the composing new mail on the laptop display.

  • Btw I’ve upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 and still this behaviour in

  • Kopano

    The window seems to be created in the ‘center’, which is probably the center of the main screen.
    So this would be DeskApp behavior, not something related to your display.

  • Then it seems that it’s Ubuntu’s or better Gnome’s fault :(