Default folder language

  • Kopano Core 10.0.1
    Debian 10

    I use the AD-extension to create Kopano-users. After creation, the folders are in English. With “dpkg-reconfigure locales” I’ve add “nl_NL.UTF-8”. I’ve created “admin.cfg”:

    #The language for folders in newly-created stores, specified as a
    #locale identifier (“en_US”, “de_DE”, etc.)
    default_store_locale = nl_NL.UTF-8

    #server_socket = default:
    #sslkey_file = some.pem
    #sslkey_pass = magic

    Still folders are created in English.

  • Kopano

    Hi @Nortepe85,

    can you post the exact version of kopano-server as given in the package version?

    I just ran a quick test on (there are newer available already) and for me this works.

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