Unable to change permissions since Webmeetings plugin was installed.

  • Since installing the WebMeetings plugin we have noticed strange behaviour with WebApp/DeskApp where we are periodically unable to make changes to the permissions of Mail Stores or Folders.

    I’m not 100% sure this is WebMeetings related, but the timing seems to coincidental.

    More often then not disabling the WebMeetings plugin fixes the problem.

    However I have on more then one occurrence seen where webmeetings didn’t make a difference at all and I did the following:

    • I am unable to modify permissions on a mail store.
    • As a test I modify a completely different folder (one of mine for instance) which works.
    • I return to the original folder I was trying to modify and this time it works!

    I can’t seem to find any pattern to it! This behaviour happens across different browsers, OSes and users.


  • Kopano

    Hello Robert,

    How are you trying to modify the folder and what is not working?

    Could you elaborate the steps you are taking?

    One of the webapp developers thought it might have to do with case 2 in the following ticket:

    Are you experiencing the same issue as mentioned there?

    Kind regards,


  • At first glance it might be. However I have been unable to replicate the problem since… (Isn’t that always the case)

    If/when the problem shows it head again, I try to verify that it is this specific bug.

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