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  • Hi,
    At the moment, I pull email with fetchmail, from a few gmail mailboxes in a ‘legacy’ Google Apps account. I also relay via GMail. The domain MX points to google’s servers. This has worked well for a long time and saves me exposing postfix to the WAN and dealing with more spam.
    In 2021, Google will no longer allow ‘less secure apps’. So AIUI no more fetchmail :-(
    G Suite admin has a feature called routing, where you can define a host and reroute mail. Whilst these options do appear in the Gmail apps admin page of the a ‘legacy’ Google apps accout like mine, they seem to do nothing and are silently ignored. Not atypical if my experience with other Google services is anything to go by!
    So, come 2021, are there any suggestions for pulling mail from a google apps acount into Kopano?
    I’d be very grateful to hear others’ opinion.

  • Kopano

    Hi @keeka,

    the problem is hardly unique to Kopano. So my bet would be that the software world will come up with ways to make clients work with Oauth where possible and sensible. For Fetchmail (and Postfix) I was already able to find a howto at

    The alternative is of course to not rely on Google for these services.

    For others interested here the announcement from Google:

  • Hi Felix,

    Thank you for the link to Matthew Ogilvie’s page. Not sure how I missed that one! I will have a go at patching fetchmail.
    His guide covers Postfix SMTP also. The google blog post seems to infer SMTP will not require OAUTH. Though I can use my ISP relay if need be.

    I understand the problem is not unique to Kopano but thought I’d ask since some other users here may have a similar setup/mail stack.
    Thanks again.

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