Outlook 2019 changed calendar items not synced

  • Dear all,
    Ubuntu 18.04, kopano-server, z-push-kopano 2.5.1
    we’re using shared calendars across six Outlook 2019 clients via ActiveSync+KOE. New items sync without problems but changed/deleted items are unreliably synced, either
    a) the change doesn’t sync to the server so only it’s only visible in the Outlook instance where the change was made
    b) the change syncs to the server but only some clients are syncing it back.
    c) everythings syncs fine
    Manually resyncing of course puts the clients back to a sane state.
    No errors visible in z-push logs or states shown by z-push-admin, any hint on how to debug this further?


  • Kopano

    Hi @gentrix,

    try to identify if there’s one Outlook which causes issues. Or if there’s some kind of an appointment which causes issues (e.g. a recurring appointment or a meeting).

    Track the item - which Outlook made change, did other Outlooks sync afterwards and so on.

    If you’re configured mobile devices to sync those calendars, are the changes synced to the mobiles reliably.


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